Panchmahabhoot - Five basic elements

There are five supreme mahabhootas called as tanmatras – Satvaguna, Rajoguna, Tamoguna, Kaal, Nature. These are eternal and are the building blocks of the universe and when their balance is disturbed, they give birth to evolution. Nature expresses itself as intelligence. From Intelligence (Mahad), arises ego (Ahankara). This ego when interacts with three gunas, give birth to organic universe and Panchtanmatra or five essences which further cfeate subtle essences or Panchmahabhoot – Ether, Air, Fire, Water & Earth.

There are five basic elements/ panchmahabhoot which make up the organic universe and constitute both living and non-living objects. These are the minutest form of the matter e.g. what an atom is made uo of. Their combination and permutation in different (infinite) combinations determine the property of a matter in such a way that each and every matter becomes unique. These five basic elements when combine with Jivaatma ( Soul) give birth to living matter.

Akash (Ether) 
This is the infinite space (not sky), Ether represents empty spaces present everywhere.

Vayu (Air) 
The gaseous form in the matter makes all the things movable like conduction in nerves, body and joint movement, passing the motion, dryness in the body, etc. Vata dosha has  a great proportion of Vayu element.

Agni (Fire)
This element represents transformation from one energy/ state to another type of energy/state thereby releasing energy. This represents metabolism and digestion at all levels. Dosha Pitta has a great proportion of Agni element.

Jal (Water)
This element denotes liquid form present in matter. Blood, lymph, synovial fluid, fluid of digestive juices, etc. have this jal element. Kapha dosha has mainly jal mahabhoot as its constituent.

Prithvi  (Earth)
This element denotes solid state of matter. All the solid parts of the body like bones, hair, skin, teeth, nails, etc. have dominance of earth element.