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Sharad Purnima

Tithi Purnima: 13th Oct  12:38 am to 02:39 am 14th Oct) Kojagari (कोजागरी पूर्णिमा) which in Sanskrit & Hindi means “कौन (रात में) जाग रहा है” (who is awakening in the night)! If we...

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उपवास का वैज्ञानिक महत्व

वैद्यानां शारदी माता पिता च कुसुमाकरः ।। अर्थात्- चिकित्सकों के लिए शरद ऋतु माता के समान और वसंत ऋतु पिता के समान लाभकारी है। दोनों ऋतुएँ मानव के स्वास्थ्य पर गहरा प्रभाव डालती हैं।...

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What is Obesity – Obesity is defined as carrying excessive body fat. A person is considered to be overweight if his BMI (Body Mass Index) is between 25.0 to 29.9 and if his BMI...

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Liver Cleanse Food

All fruits & veggies which are easy to digest, naturally sweet in taste, low in cholesterol, often low in gluten or glutenfree and which do not disturb natural pitta of the body are liver-friendly...

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Ovarian Cysts

What are ovarian cysts? When the surface of the ovary is filled with watery fluid/ blood/ fat/ hair or any other substance, cysts are formed in the ovary. Where are ovaries located? Ovary is...

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Daalchini / Cinnamon

It is an excellent herb for cough & cold, diabetes and blood cholesterol and a wonderful antibiotic for infetctions. Usage- Externally – In chronic wounds, it is used externally in paste form multiple...

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