Dr. Divya Sharma

Dr. Divya Sharma is an experienced & skilled Ayurveda  Physician in Dhakoli, Zirakpur & Panchkula area with a Clinical experience of more than 11+ years. She graduated from M.S.M. Mahila  Ayurvedic  Degree College, Sonepat (M.D. University)    in April, 2008. Having work experience with the Alchemist Hospitals Ltd. (Department of Ayurveda) and Jiva Ayurveda, she is      a skilled physician in the field of Kayachikitsa (Internal medicine, Ayurveda). She is passionate & dedicated to the magical wonders of Ayurveda and determining how herbs & Ayurveda medicines work. Currently she heads Dr. Divya’s Ayurveda      Clinic and successfully treats most of the chronic  and new onset diseases through this Vedic treasure box of wisdom known    as Ayurveda.

Her main motto is “prevention is better than cure and unnecessary delay leads to sufferings”. Therefore, to promote, maintain and restore health of the patients, she recommends timely treatment of even mild appearing & often neglected symptoms.


This is a Centre of excellence for authentic Ayurveda treatment to remind everyone that Ayurveda is always a mainstream Scientific holistic therapy. Our mission is to create & spread awareness about ancient wisdom of eternal and time-tested Ayurveda. This will lead to achieve perfect holistic health for all – Sarve santu niramaya (May everyone is disease free and blessed with good health!). The timely diagnosis of diseases, misdiagnosed and underdiagnosed diseases is a very important & often neglected aspect in the current scenario. Therefore, intergration of Yoga, lifestyle changes, causative factors behind disease and safe Ayurvedic medicines including preventive measures will yield maximum benefit to the patients


सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः  (Sarve santu niramaya) : May all be disease free and blessed with good health!
वसुधैवकुटुम्बकम् ( Vasudhaiv kutumbakam) : Whole world is one family!

My vision is to see all individuals happy & healthy locally, nationally and worldwide.


Straight forward
Gained excellence in skills