Sharad Purnima

Tithi Purnima: 13th Oct  12:38 am to 02:39 am 14th Oct)

Kojagari (कोजागरी पूर्णिमा) which in Sanskrit & Hindi means “कौन (रात में) जाग रहा है” (who is awakening in the night)!

If we see the deeper spiritual meaning, it means who has really awakened?

In Autumn (शरद ऋतु), there is a natural aggravation of pitta dosha (पित्तदोष) in the body. To suppress this natural pitta in the body, the moonlight being cool in nature showers nectar (अमृत) particularly on this night. The kheer made on this day and charged directly under the moon rays blesses the kheer, makes it cool, heat pacifying and memory-booster. The rays being cooling in nature suppress the body heat naturally.

Chandrma, the moon god, is associated with the herbs and medicine in hinduism. “चंद्रमा मनसो जातः” means the Moon took birth from the Heart of the creator (चंद्रमा की उत्पत्ति ब्रह्मा जी के मन से हुई है।) The rays are believed to be associated with cold, phlegm, asthma, distress, insomnia, weak left eye, breasts and womb effected in astrology.

  1. So the night is important according to the aspect of the Astrology and horoscope study for specific moon dosha and menstrual disorders in females.
  2. This night is the night meant for the Vaidya (वैद्य) as many medicinal herbs reveal themselves on this night only just for a few hours and disappear by the sunrise to be seen again next year.
  3. This night is the night specific for charging already existing medicinal herbs and medicinal preparations under the moonlight as the Moon blesses the manas of Vaidya, the medicines & the patients. The moonlight has special healing & nourishing properties.
  4. Sharad Purnima is the night of Bhakti Rasa which attracts the fantasies of common men, philosophers and poets. It is believed that Krishna & Gopis did Raas Leela under this moonlight which signifies pure unconditional love. Here, the night becomes the night to express pure unconditional love.
  5. Since olden times, people put white thread into the needle under the moonlight – such is the visibility on this night as the Moon is closer to the earth on this day.

This night is the night meant for pacifying mental & physical disorders particularly those suffering from pitta pradhan (rajo guna pradhan) diseases:-

  • Heat disorders related to the body like acne, inflammation, hyperacidity, boils, ulcers, mouth ulcers, body heat, etc.
  • Minor or major mental illnesses or with natural traits of aggression, anger,  jealousy, criticism, indiscrimination, not knowing the truth and far from understanding.

Rajoguna signifies activity/ taking action also. Such type of people with slight behavioural issues, minor or major health issues – all must meditate directly under the moon and must eat kheer in the morning.

If the kheer is made in the decotion of Medha Rasayan (herbs directly acting on the mind like shankh pushpi, brahmi, mulethi, giloy etc) and kept overnight directly in the moonlight, these people will have much benefit. Though proper medical measures, abstinence from the causative factors and counselling play a key role for mental illnesses, Sharad Purnima is definitely a boon for all.

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