Dietary Guidelines


  1. Curd, lassi and milk products must not be eaten at night.

  2. The diet must not be taken in overfilling quantity, but nutritious.

  3. Water must not be taken atleast 1 hour after last two-three bites of the meal.

  4. Rock salt (Saindha salt) or Himalayan pink salt must be used instead of other salts.

  5. All heavy proteins & pulses – Urad daal, Rajma, Chhole, non-veg must not be eaten in the night.

  6. Stale food must be avoided and cooked food must be consumed within a day including chutneys.

  7. Processed food, preserved food, fast food and fried food (including chhole bhature) must be strictly avoided when trying to loose weight.

  8. Cold/ chilled and ice beverages should not be taken with food as cold water slows digestion particularly of fats when taken with the food.

  9. The ideal diet must include 1 portion of complex carbohydrates (chapatti) + 1 portion of salad or seasonal fruit + 1 portion of daal – subzi with little essential ghee

  10. White butter (beaten and consumed in 2 days), mustard oil or desi ghee in small quantity must be used for cooking. Refined oil, olive oil or any other oil must not be used.

  11. White sugar must be replaced with brown mineral sugar or bura or shakkar or khaand or or gulkand or old jaggery without masala. All “sugar free” products must be strictly avoided.

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