Health benefits of Jamun fruit (Black Plum)

Health benefits of Jamun fruit (Black Plum)


  • It is a good laxative and good for heart also.
  • Being astringent in nature, its pulp and seed prevent acne, blemishes, wrinkles & pimples.
  • It reduces risk of infection in the digestive system – loose motions, bleeding piles, appendicitis, etc.
  • Named as the fruit of the Gods “Jambu”, it fights & prevents vital diseases like Liver diseases, cancer, diabetes, gingivitis (bleeding gums), etc.
  • Rich in antioxidants, vitamin A, C & E, minerals – iron & Magnesium; fibre, carbohydrates, low in potassium, this fruit is beneficial for kidney patients & Diabetes

Uses of Jamun Fruit

  1. Paste of fresh & soft leaves are used in vomiting.
  2. Jamun as a whole fruit – leaves, pulp & seed is excellent in preventing Diabetes and cataract (as a complication of Diabetes).
  3. Powder of Jamun seeds (half tsp to 1 tsp total a day) help prevent great fluctuations of sugar levels in the blood & urine and is an excellent blood purifier also.
  4. Juice (about 4 tsp total quantity in a day) along with a pinch of black pepper powder and half tsp lemon juice helps in dissolving & preventing small kidney stones in uncomplicated cases.
  5. Jamun Vinegar (Sirka) also reduces sugar levels in blood & urine and is very good to reduce increased size of spleen. It may increase body metabolism. So people with aggravated pitta must not consume it. Its dosage is 10 to 30 ml a day.

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