Concept of Ovarian cysts in Ayurveda

Concept of Ovarian cysts in Ayurveda

The concept of ovarian cysts can be correlated to Aartavdushti (8 types) or Beejdushti and Kaphaj granthi and Kaphaj arbuda rog (granthi are smaller >1.5 cm and arbuda are big masses> 4 cm).

According to Ayurveda, ovarian cysts can be correlated to aartavavyapat and beejdushti. Ovary & raj together are considered as ‘phal’. Various other medical conditions are mentioned in Ayurveda ‘Ksheenartav’, ‘Artavkshay’ and ‘Nashta artava’ that can also be correlated to specific types of cysts.

Causes according to Ayurveda
  1. Use of nasya (sternutatory medicines) during menstruation
  2. Excessive consumption of food products & drinks which are hot in nature
  3. Non-observance of rules & regulations related to menstruation & reproductive system
  4. Use of excessive laxative after oleation & sudation in a female having mridu kostha (where only mild laxative is required to be given)

The reason behind the occurrence of ovarian cysts is that the strotas marga (pathways leading to fine reproductive channel system) is blocked by Kapha and there is an accumulation of pitta due to this blockage. Therefore, the treatment must primarily focus on the treatment of Kapha in Vaat region. But it is important to figure out the degree of vitiation of doshas in various types of cysts.

Treatment according to Ayurveda
  1. Kaphhar medicines and pittkar medicines must be given.
  2. Medicines of choice are Lahsun, Shatpushpa & Shatavari.
  3. Nasya must be administered in case of PCOS and hypothyroidism.
  4. The treatment of choice becomes Uttar basti (enema or uterine installations).
  5. Virechan must not be given until & unless very necessary as in Haemorrhagic ovarian cysts.
  6. Ultimately, the treatment must include Shodhan (purification through Panchkarma), Bhedhan (Surgical Excision/ use of Kshar/ to clear blockage) & Shaman (adequate treatment with Ayurvedic medicines).
To conclude, many types of ovarian cysts are successfully & totally treated with Ayurveda.
Foods to avoid in all types of ovarian cysts 
  1. White rice
  2. Alcoholic beverages
  3. All heavy milk products
  4. Processed food products
  5. Red meat, dark meat and poultry
  6. Refined oil, refined sugar & refined flour
Food to include in all types of ovarian cysts
  1. Whole grains & mixed flour (self-blended)
  2. High Fibre food- Atleast 30 gm per day in adults
  3. Unrefined brown mineral sugar, honey, old jaggery, Shakkar
  4. Essential fatty acids – walnuts, roasted flax seeds, chia seeds, etc.
  5. Iron & Vitamin B12 rich food – beetroot, spinach, carrots, raisins, etc.
  6. Food rich in Antioxidants – seasonal fruits, dark chocolates, green tea, cod liver oil
Pranayam and yogasan helpful in Ovarian cysts
  1. Slow Bhastrika
  2. Slow Kapalbhati
  3. Bhramari Pranayam
  4. Slow Anulom- Vilom
  5. Dhanurasan (Bow pose)
  6. Bhujangasan (Cobra pose)
  7. Bhadraasan (Reclining Butterfly pose)
  8. Surya namaskar (Sun Salutation Yoga)
  9. Chakki Chalasan (moving the grinding wheel)
  10. Ardhamatsendra aasan (half lord of fishes pose)
  11. Nadi Shodhan Pranayam (Purification of nervous channels & system)



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