Pattharchata/ Patta Ajwain (Mexican Mint/ Indian Mint)

Pattharchata/ Patta Ajwain (Mexican Mint/ Indian Mint)

  • For kidney and Gallstones and to prevent their reoccurrence-
  • Juice of this plant’s leaves – 5 to 10 mL (may be mixed with honey) must be taken empty stomach two times a day. This prevents and dissolves the stones in uncomplicated cases along with the medicines suggested by Ayurveda physicians. Healthy people can safely take the juice for prevention of the renal, gallbladder and pancreatic stones.
  • Bloody Dysentry, diarrhea and intestinal worms – 2-3 tsp juice of leaves mixed with salt and water is used to stop bleeding 3 times a day and as an antibiotic in bloody dysentry along with the necessary medicines prescribed by Ayurveda physicians. This remedy in day to day use or simple use of these leaves will prevent further incidence of such diarrhea in further also.
  • Very common use for daily life – The finely chopped leaves must be sprinkled in Daal/ vegetable curry/ Pancakes/ Cheela as this will help in digestion and will keep the intestines healthy.
  • Cuts, wounds and corn – the fine paste is applied over the wound and cuts to stop bleeding and over the hard corn as the plant leaves are anti- inflammatory.

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