Daalchini / Cinnamon


It is an excellent herb for cough & cold, diabetes and blood cholesterol and a wonderful antibiotic for infetctions.



In chronic wounds, it is used externally in paste form multiple times a day either singally or in combination with other herbs.

Internally –
  • To reduce sugar levels- Boil Daalchini – 2 gm and grated ginger- 2 gm in water on slow flame for 10 minutes and sieve. Add lemon- 1 tsp and honey – 1 tsp and small elaichi powder to reduce sugar levels.
  • For cough & cold – Add daalchini powder – 2 gm and 2 cloves ( laung) in 1 cup of water. Boil for 10 minutes and drink the lukewarm decotion with added honey.
Who should not take Daalchini as a single herb or without advise of Ayurveda Physician –
  • Pregnant women as it may trigger early delivery particular in pitt pradhan body type.
  • patients with advanced kidney and liver disease
  • Patients with hemorrhagic disorders or heavy bleeding tendency as Daalchini is a blood thinner.
  • Patients with burning sensation in skin or a flare in skin condition.
  • Patients of low blood sugar or hypoglycaemia
Dosage- Half to 2 gm a day is the safest dosage and it can be taken upto 5 gm for ceylon cinnamon variety.

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